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Hi there! My Name's Andrea.
Let me tell you a little about A Kiddely Divey and what we believe in. My hope is that you will not only agree with our principles, but will even see us as a small-business that's worthy of sharing with your friends and family.

We believe that natural is better than chemical, real is better than fake, and if you can buy it from a small, American business - you definitely should! I'm not quite ready to move into a commune, mind you, but when I find things that are safer for us and our environment, things that are more pure, things made by hand instead of by enormous machines - and they also work and look better...
- Well, that's a no-brainer in my book!

Gone are the days when it was almost expected to have a handmade gift looked at as less than. In this rush-everywhere world, where there isn't time to explain that you find something funny - so you abbreviate it - lol. Receiving a gift that took time to create is really quite special! Someone focused on it, put their effort and heart into it, with the goal of creating something special that would be enjoyed. We believe in this!

Another thing setting us apart, we're proud to say we are 100% US Made. That's not as simple of a claim as it as it might sound. Of course, we make our soaps and cloths right here at home in Texas, but we've taken it further than just that. All of our ingredients come from reputable, US manufacturers and distributors as well. Even the packaging we use, from the Ball/Kerr jars that have been made in America for over 125 years, to the labels, wrap and ribbons... Everything we use is American Made!
It's important to us!

Contact me directly:

Andrea Burrows
We only accept online payments through Paypal. Paypal accepts ALL major credit and debit cards and you don't even need a Paypal account.
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